ZenWriter: The Must Have Tool for Any Writer


As anyone who writes regularly knows, it can be a pain in the ass to get inspired to do what you want or need to do. A loud, busy office isn’t always the best setting, but neither is a noisy household. Fortunately for writers everywhere, there exists a program that focuses on helping a writer set the scene for productivity while letting them relax and channel their creativity. That particular program is known as ZenWriter. If you’ve never heard of it but you’re interested by the concept, it’s a good idea to learn more about it in order to see just how it could benefit you as a writer.

Customize Your Experience

Customize Your Writing Experience With ZenWriter
Customize Your Writing Experience With ZenWriter
ZenWriter allows you to fully customize your writing experience. The program is a full screen one that provides you with a bunch of different background images to choose from. All of these images are intended to transport the writer to another place, projecting landscapes such as a river, a forest, a lake, and a beach. You can also choose whether or not to view this background in “day” or “night”, which will either illuminate the background image or darken it to suit your preference. If you don’t like the background images provided by ZenWriter, you can easily upload your own.

You can also choose your own background music to listen to. The program includes its own tracks, all of which are mellow and intended to help you relax and get into your writing groove. You can adjust the volume easily or opt for no music at all if that’s what you prefer.

Writing Settings

Writing In ZenWriter Gets Your Creative Juices Flowing
Writing In ZenWriter Gets Your Creative Juices Flowing
When you’re writing in ZenWriter, you can and should do so with all of your preferences intact. For example, the program includes its own fonts you can choose from. However, you can also upload your own custom font to use if it suits you. You have complete control over the text size as well as how many lines you can have per page. At the bottom of the page is an indicator of how many words, lines, characters, and pages you have created. This list is customizable as well.

Just Get Started

ZenWriter requires no tutorial. You can begin writing with the setup you want right after it launches. Changing the settings only requires a few clicks of your mouse. The program is designed to be full-screen and when you’re writing in it, you won’t be bothered by any notifications from your taskbar on your computer. For example, you won’t be able to see if Skype is flashing unless you actually tab out from ZenWriter. The reason for the program being like this is simple: fewer interruptions mean more productivity and that’s what ZenWriter is designed for.

Import, Export, and Print

Get The Work Done... Import, Rewrite, And Print
Get The Work Done… Import, Rewrite, And Print
You can easily copy/paste text from another word processor into ZenWriter and begin to work on it that way. ZenWriter documents save in their own format, but by using the copy/paste function you can easily convert those documents to other formats. ZenWriter also comes with a print function, which is handy for when you want a hard copy.

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