Why You’ll Get More out of a Run on the Treadmill than the Sidewalk


Running is running, and there isn’t a location that’s wrong to do it… except maybe inside the aisles of a church, or next to a swimming pool. If you’re the kind of person who needs to hit the pavement in order to run at all, then you should keep doing what you’re doing. What matters the most is that you’re running. If you want to get a little bit of an edge, however, it’s time to abandon the city streets and let technology finally do something right for once. Trust a treadmill and you’ll have the best run of your life. Here’s why treadmills are the best.

Easier to Focus

Let Your Mind Rest While You Workout
Let Your Mind Rest While You Workout
When you’re running on the street you need to be and stay alert. You have to watch out for cars, pedestrians, and everything else that happens. You don’t want to run into anyone but you also don’t want anyone to run into you. When you’re on a treadmill, you can just close your eyes and let the music in your headphones carry you away. There’s nothing getting in the way of your goal but you.

Less Danger

Just like you have to keep your eyes peeled when you’re running outdoors, you’re also in more danger. There’s always the chance that someone’s going to run into you, or that a twisted ankle might mean a really bad fall onto some gravel or glass. Depending on where and when you’re running you might also find yourself in danger from muggers, and other people who very rarely frequent the inside of a brightly lit gym. Score two for the treadmill idea.

Temperature Controlled

Workout Indoors, Don't Worry About The Weather
Workout Indoors, Don’t Worry About The Weather
When you’re running outside in the baking heat or the bitter cold you’re stressing your body more than you need to. You want to toughen up so that you can run outside, but that’s it. You’re not trying to prove that you could survive in all weather conditions. When it’s too cold or too hot outside, it can be difficult for you to run at peak performance. You’re going to be tired and struggling to regulate your body temperature, which is always something that gets harder when you’re running. That’s why you end every run hot and sweaty, and when you run outside you’re basically leaving it up to chance whether or not you’ll be okay.

No Excuses to Miss It

It’s a lot harder to use “but it’s raining, but it’s too windy” as an excuse not to run indoors. This lets you keep your workout schedule come rain or shine, so that by the time the clear skies of summer roll around your beach body will be here.

More Accurate Stats

Keep More Accurate Stats On A Treadmill[
Keep More Accurate Stats On A Treadmill
Treadmills keep an accurate count of how many miles you ran and your average speed. Even if you try to use a tracker when you run outside you’re always running into the chance that you’re coming up against some blip in the map where it’s going to lose track of you and you’re going to get cheated out of part of your run.

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