Why She’s Pushing You to Be More Open

Why She’s Pushing You to Be More Open

coupleIt can be difficult to know how to open up when you’re in a relationship, especially if you’re the type of person who is more used to being solitary. You might just not be used to sharing your feelings with people, and that can be a problem in a relationship. Sometimes you might wind up getting in a relationship with a woman who’s pushing you to be more open with her, and you don’t really know what to do about that. If you’re just not the type of guy that likes to open up, you might be wondering why she’s been pushing you to do so. Can you really tell her that you’ve been using dating sites and trying to avoid fraud sites that say that internet dating scams are everywhere so you’ve been trying out tips for choosing well? Or you might think you’re being perfectly open, which can obviously make it a little bit strange for her to push you about this. If you’re in a relationship where she is constantly pushing you to be more open, then there are a few reasons she may be doing so. Here’s what she might be looking for when she asks you to be more open:

She Wants a More Serious Relationship

One of the reasons why your woman may be pushing you to be more open is because she wants a more serious relationship out of you. If you’ve been fairly casual with her, then you probably haven’t shared all that much of your personal beliefs or emotions with her. If she’s trying to get you to be more open, that is usually a fairly good sign that she’s trying to turn things more serious. Now, that’s fine if you’re actually interested in a more serious relationship – take it to heart and try to be more open and intimate with her, naturally. Things will be fine. However, if you’re really not looking for something more serious, this may very well be a sign that it’s time to cut your losses and move on.

She’s Worried That You’re Unfaithful

Another reason a woman might be pushing you to be more open is if she’s worried about your fidelity. In a more serious relationship, she might be worried that you’re not being honest with her, and if she’s worried about your fidelity then she may start asking you to be more open with her. It’s never pleasant to realize that your partner might be suspicious of your fidelity, but you may just want to start being more open with her to appease her worries. It’s a simple step to take in order to make your relationship more comfortable for both of you.

She Just Wants to Talk to You

couple2Sometimes there’s no real ulterior motive behind this except for that she wants you to be more talkative with you. Maybe she feels like you’ve been too distant or maybe she just wants a little something more from the relationship. Whatever the reasoning is, she may just want you to be more open with her because she wants to be in a more intimate relationship. It’s not going to kill you to be more open with her, so there’s usually no reason why you shouldn’t try to appease her and talk more about what’s going on with you on a daily basis. You may be surprised by just how much it winds up improving your relationship, so make sure to listen up and open up for her if she asks. There’s plenty of advice for men like in this article that cover dating tips that work.

What You Should Avoid in an Argument

In any relationship, it is not uncommon to argue once in a while. Disagreements are bound to pop up between any two people trying to share any sort of intimate space. That is why it is important to know when the arguments are just a healthy part of your dynamic and when they are something that could potentially harm your future together. So here are a few tips on things you should definitely avoid doing when you are arguing with your partner.

Stick to One Argument

A lot of times, when a couple is fighting, they have a tendency to bring up old arguments and other things they are angry about that have nothing to do with the current altercation or problem. While this may seem like a good idea at the time – to get it all out on the table, as it were – it is actually very detrimental to bring up the past during an argument or to throw unimportant information into the fray. This sort of thing is likely to lead to a more heated argument and it is way more likely to lead to a break-up, probably a lot sooner than you would like. So stick to the argument you are having, and do not try to air out all of your problems in one sitting. Relationships take a lot of time and effort. Trying to jump the gun is just going to land you in a bad place.

Try to Keep Calm

ae1011d8de58a92e4a0a003ecd8e1398It might seem like a silly tip, but keeping as calm as you can in a high tension situation is very important to maintaining your relationship. Raised voices and wide gestures are to be expected from any argument, but you have to keep your head cool. If you lose your calm during an argument, you might say something unfortunate that you will regret later. Do not resort to name-calling and by no means should you bring anyone else’s opinion into the debate. If you find that the argument is getting too heated, try to take a break and go your separate ways long enough to cool down before diving back in. If you’re going to strategically meet women you will need the tactics outlined here for meeting girls on dating sites.

Never Go to Bed Angry

In the end, it is important to remember that there is a reason you are with this person, even if right now you are on each other’s bad side. If the end of the day comes and things have yet to be resolved, it is always best to call a truce before you both head to bed to sleep on the problem. Staying angry will never help the situation, in fact it is more likely to harm it as you build things up in your own mind to an unbearable degree. So just suck up your pride, and think of all the good things in your relationship before you head to sleep. An argument does not need to be the end of things. In fact, it should be the beginning of something even better yet to come.

Not everyone is born with the gift of being suave. It comes to some people naturally and it comes to others with a bit of work. Others don’t have any idea of how to talk to women at all and it’s why they might be a little unhappy in their love lives. If you’re one of those who is either working up the courage to ask out a woman or has never done it before then perhaps you just aren’t going through the right channels and necessary means to get from Point A to Point B. Whether you’re a man or a woman you can find it in you to ask you’re the girl of your dreams.

Go Through Her Friends

You might think that going through her friends is something that only a child would do. In elementary school it was known as gossip and many boys and girls would tell each other who they liked in order for the information to get around to the person in question. In this more adult version all you need to do is go through her best friend. Ask if the girl in question is seeing anyone and see what they say. You need to have targeted actions with the goal of point and click success when meeting women for hookups. If they say no then you’re a step closer. After you ask the initial question it’s then important to see how the girl you like reacts to this information. If she appears interested then you can go for it.

Be Up Front

4e4a37b46fb696433d419d84be7ccb27The most direct way is probably being incredibly…direct. Girls appreciate it when a guy or other woman isn’t necessarily forceful but is instead very upfront with what they want. This doesn’t mean that you need to go right up to her and say that you want to sleep with her. It means that if you go straight to the source and ask her out then you might like the results you get for doing so. The early bird gets the worm and the to-the-point mate gets the date. Maybe you’ve been wondering how to do it because becoming a swinger in 2016 can be risky but you have guides to help you through the process.

Offer Up a Gift

If there’s something that women love then it’s definitely gifts. If you look at advertisements then you’ll notice that there are obvious gender divides in terms of what is marketed to who. When it comes to the more gender neutral items you may notice that these are still marketed towards women and it’s because women are more likely to buy things or want things bought for them. Get with the trend and don’t come to your lady love empty handed. It can be something like flowers or candy which are pretty typical or you can go for something a bit more personal. A gift says that you’re willing to put in some effort and some cash to make her yours. If the gift fails, try some different tactics for success like giving her this guide to dating naughty so you can fuck her nicely and she’ll remain happy!

Do Something Sentimental

This involves getting a bit closer to your target than the other options. In order to solidify your interest you should get to a point in your friendly or casual relationship where you can be close enough to know each other a bit more. When you find out something that the girl in question treasures then you can use it in your date proposal. If she likes ferris wheels then invite her to a carnival and ask her out at the very top. If she likes frogs then get her a frog-related gift and use it in your asking her out.

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