Greenwich Consulting works with major international players to address their strategic business, marketing, distribution and technological issues in the telecommunications sector.

We work with our clients on their key challenges that shape the competitive landscape of tomorrow.

Recent years have seen the telecommunications market change rapidly under the combined effect of a multitude of pressures:

  • Very high speed broadband networks that change the way people consume digital content:
    • New strategies and technological options for providers who develop these networks
    • Development of new products/hardware
  • Convergence between fixed and mobile networks that results in:
    • New innovative offers, requiring new marketing approaches
    • Increasing customer needs and expectations around advanced services and different devices
  • The growing maturity of the mobile market along with an erosion of traditional revenue streams: the most popular mobile services used worldwide are still voice and SMS, but growth is driven by multimedia products
  • New devices reshaping the mobile market and how people consume mobile services: once just a mobile communication tool, the mobile phone has become a multiple service and application device (music, video, applications, etc.)
  • The global spread of mobile financial services: Mobile Money services enable MNOs to address new revenue opportunities by providing a totally new value proposition

As a result of delivering hundreds of studies and major projects each year, Greenwich Consulting has developed recognized and unique business, strategic, marketing, and technological expertise in the telecommunications industry worldwide. Our major clients are international telecoms operators, device manufacturers, network providers and service providers. More broadly, our sector and functional expertise enables us to work with all key stakeholders (including the public and financial services sectors) in order to help their business growth. Greenwich Consulting is the partner of choice if you wish to launch new offers, implement loyalty programs or boost your EBITDA.

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