The Pros and Cons of Hiring by Phone Interview

Hiring by Phone Interview

Hiring a new employee via phone interview can be a great way to find the perfect person for the job without the constraint of having them live locally. Believe it or not, many potential employees are willing to foot the bill to move to another state if they believe that the job will be worth their time and effort. Unfortunately, there can be some issues with hiring based solely off of a phone interview. If your company has been considering using phone interviews as a means of hiring someone, make sure you weigh the pros and cons, so that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.


Phone Interviews Can Save Your Company Money
Phone Interviews Can Save Your Company Money
The best thing about hiring a candidate by phone interview is that it will cost your company (and your new employee) less money. Depending on where the candidate is located, it can cost a small fortune to travel to your company. Some companies like to think that if a person really wants the job, they will find a means to get to the interview. While this may be true in some aspects, it can be unrealistic to expect someone to spend hundreds of dollars for a plane ticket for a job that they may not even get.

Another great thing about hiring through phone interview is that during the interview process, it allows candidates to be calm and relaxed. When they are relaxed, they can answer questions properly, and you will get better responses. The person that you’re interviewing may be amazing, but if they’re nervous, you may think they won’t be the right fit for the job.

People Feel Self-Confident
People Feel Self-Confident
When an employee is hired via a phone interview, it will give them a higher level of self-confidence. When they feel confident, they will come in wanting to work, and to prove to you that you made the right decision in hiring them. Knowing that they were good enough to make you feel confident that they were right for the job without even seeing them will do wonders for your new employee’s confidence.


You Can't See The candidates If You Hire Them By Phone
You Can’t See The candidates If You Hire Them By Phone
Of course there are cons for hiring an employee via phone interview. The biggest con is that you have no clue of how your employee looks. If your company is conservative, you probably don’t want them showing up with a face full of piercings and tattoos. You also run the risk of someone else offering the candidate a job before your paperwork can be mailed out to them. Remember, just because they accepted your job offer doesn’t mean they aren’t still looking for something better. Until they sign a contract, they can still take any other job that is offered to them.

When it comes to hiring an employee via phone interview, the pros generally do outweigh the cons. If you’re worried about hiring someone that you’ve never seen before, ask your potential employee for a video interview. This way you can enjoy the same convenience of the phone interview while also being able to see the candidate. Depending on what service you use, the video may be entirely free. You will know exactly how the candidate looks, and it can further help you decide whether or not you’re making the right choice by hiring the candidate. You spend less money, and you get the same results.

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