Reasons to Try out Partner Swapping


If you’re of the more kinky sort then you might be aware of a phenomena called “swinging”. Swinging is a sexual activity that isn’t at all new but is growing in popularity as of late. If you are a swinger then you are typically a married person who finds another married couple to hang out with and then you switch partners and have sex with one of the people in the other relationship. Your mate will then usually do the same thing with the other person in your chosen coupling.

If you aren’t aware of this practice and want to try it out then grab your boyfriend, girlfriend, or normal Friday night hook up and hop into it. If you don’t like the idea then that’s fine; swinging is definitely not for everyone. If you are truly curious but are hesitant then maybe you could do with a bit of convincing.

You Want Some Excitement in Life

Looking For Some Excitement in Life? Try Swinging
Looking For Some Excitement in Life? Try Swinging
Swinging is something that is usually reserved for those who want to walk on the wild side. You don’t see a lot of mousy girls who want to stay inside and read go out on the town with their hubbies and get nasty with another woman’s husband. It’s something that is thrilling. It’s like cheating without the cheating. People get a lot of exhilaration and rush from swinging because it brings spice into their life. If you asked a couple that was into partner swapping why they did it, one of the first things they might tell you is because it’s exciting.

Your Partner Might Not be That Exciting Anymore

It can also be said about excitement that at certain points in your relationship it begins to slow down. You’re with someone and know enough about them that you feel like you’re in a rut. Your bedroom is a place where the same cycle gets repetitive. In order to bring yourself some pleasure, treat your mate, and get out of your doldrums then partner swapping might actually be something that can help you out. Chances are that if you’re starting to get bored with your partner in bed then they might feel the same way.

You Only Live Once

Experience Something New With Your Partner
Experience Something New With Your Partner
Consider your bucket list. If you don’t have one then think about making one right now and what all you’d put on it. Most people put extreme things like bungee jumping, traveling the world, or climbing to the top of a tall mountain on theirs. Maybe these are also things you want to try to. How about including some more sexy items as well? You only have one life and you should try out as much as you can and live it to the fullest. Partner swapping is something that most people haven’t considered unless they’re already into similar things so why not try it out once to say you did it?

It’s a Great Way to Try Out New Moves

Maybe your problem is really just that you’re running out of new things to do in the bedroom. You aren’t necessarily bored but you’re definitely not in that honeymoon phase anymore and no one wants to lose that. If you want to give your partner something new to do but aren’t sure how well it will go then maybe you should try swinging and using your moves on someone else first. There’s no real commitment or shame when you’re not sleeping with someone you have to wake up to every morning. Also, see if your swapping partner can teach you a thing or two. It never hurts to compare notes.

Your Mate Might Be Interested

If you aren’t interested then there’s a possibility that your partner might be. Don’t force yourself out of a huge comfort zone but do remember that relationships take compromise. Maybe if your significant other wants this then you can agree that you’ll try it out if you also get something that you want. See? Everyone wins.

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