How Yoga Can Aid Your Weight Loss


Yoga is a form of exercise that is highly misunderstood by a large number and variety of people. It’s often thought to be nothing more than gentle workouts that really do nothing to benefit your body, on par with boring, plain meditation. This is not the case at all. While yoga does focus heavily on meditation as a means to further your exercise regime, it is a very useful way to grow stronger and to lose that extra weight that you’ve been trying to shed. Here are a few ways that yoga can help you out when you are trying to lose a little bit of extra weight.

Breathing Control

|Yoga Helps You focus On Your Breathing
Yoga Helps You focus On Your Breathing
It’s true that a lot of what yoga does is focus on your breathing. It emphasizes the fact that you need to have control of your breath while you are exercising. Not only is this good for keeping yourself from overworking or hyperventilating during a workout, but breathing properly in and of itself is a great way to lose weight. By controlling your breath and breathing slowly and steadily, you allow your body to shed miniscule amounts of weight with each breath. It might not be very much at a time, but over the entirety of a yoga workout, that can really add up along with everything else you’re doing for the exercise.

Strengthen Your Core Muscles

Work On Your Abs Or Thighs With Yoga
Work On Your Abs Or Thighs With Yoga
A lot of yoga poses are specifically meant to give your body more strength in certain areas. Many poses work on your abs or your thighs, strengthening your core muscles. This is an important part of losing weight. By giving strength to those muscles, you help convert your weight into muscle weight, which will help you to more easily burn off the excess fat. Yoga may seem like an easy form of exercise, but you can go easy or hard, whichever way fits you best. And if you go hard, you can find yourself doing some pretty intense crunches or being able to flex your body into poses that you never knew you could possibly do. A good yoga workout can leave you sweating as hard as any other form of exercise could.

Gentle on the Body

Start Slow, Respect Your Body
Start Slow, Respect Your Body
While yoga can be pretty hardcore when you push yourself at it, in its essence it has the potential to be very gentle on the body. In fact, it is much more highly recommended that you take things slowly and gently, gradually allowing your body to gain the strength necessary to perform some of the more complicated or intensive poses. Yoga poses are something that your body should have the natural ability to do, but only if you tend to it carefully and keep up your hard work. In this way, yoga makes it much easier to exercise every day, helping you to shed the pounds at a much more steady and rapid pace because you are not necessarily overworking yourself. More than that, yoga’s gentle stretches help to ease your body into or out of any other workout, making it easier for you to perform your normal exercises and lose the weight much quicker.

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