our HR statement

Greenwich Consulting is committed

to its consultants constantly developing their capabilities in a supportive and high performing working environment. If you join us, you will have the opportunity to create your own path to success, within and beyond Greenwich Consulting.

This commitment is not just words: it is ensured through concrete approaches, shared across all the offices of our Group, and reflected by the market: we are proud to have been recognised as one of the "Great Places to Work" companies in 2009 and 2012 and "Melhores Empresas para Trabalhar" in 2012 and 2013.

If you share our values and our commitment to one of our sectors, you might be interested in joining us and being part of a unique story: the building of a new leading international management consulting firm.

our values

At Greenwich Consulting

We believe diversity is strength: Greenwich Consulting is composed of individuals from more than 20 nationalities who are able to form solid and high performing teams, manage differences with their colleagues, take bold initiatives, benefit from the experience of others, and finally, convert the shared capabilities into a strong collective result.

Our values hold us together and help us to grow the company:


We exceed our clients’ expectations: in doing this we ask for and expect feedback on our professionalism.

We are a young company that develops and values long term client relationships: we aim for continuity in the quality of our people and our thinking.

We excel in value creation: by combining rigorous thinking with practical approaches, we develop the value of organisations, on paper and in the eyes of their customers.

Team Spirit

We place personal integrity and mutual dependence at the centre of what we do: we go out of our way to support, not compete with, each other, so we can produce our best.

We always listen before we speak, whether on a client team or when coaching each other.

We work together to develop together: we are at our best when we are more than individuals.


Everyone in our team is passionate about their industries, and how we can be part of its development: it is part of our lives, not just our work.

We provide our clients with valued services: this is based on our skills and our interactions with the key issues in the industry.

We are pragmatic but also happy to be different: we combine deep analysis with well founded sector specific knowledge to produce practical and significant benefits.