8 Great Dates for Cheap


Romance is considered one of the most expensive things a person can do to themselves. There are all the expectations of date nights like going out to the movies and fancy dinners, buying lavish gifts and in general spending money on one another. The thing is that romance doesn’t have to be that way at all. Some of the most romantic and sexy dates happen for way less money than going out to a fancy restaurant requires. Here is a quick list of a few dates that are meaningful, romantic, and won’t put a strain on your wallet.

Hiking Trip

Go In A Romantic Hiking Trip
Go In A Romantic Hiking Trip
Drive out to the nearest trail or forest and find one of the many trails that are around, and then take a hike. You can enjoy the scenery while engaging in conversation with your date, and you will be able to experience the beauty of nature together. Be sure to pack sunscreen and bug spray and maybe some snacks while you hike around and admire nature’s splendor together. The only costs will be the price of gas and maybe the snacks, if you didn’t have anything around the house to begin with.

Movie Night In

Movie Night Is Always A Great Idea
Movie Night Is Always A Great Idea
Pick a movie on DVD or from a movie provider that you already have, pop some popcorn and settle down for a sexy night in full of cuddling and kisses and all manner of touchy feely fun. You can pick whatever movie you want to set the mood, or let them pick. Either way you can have a relaxing night cuddled up to your date.

Outdoor Concerts

The Outdoors & Music Create The Perfect Date
The Outdoors & Music Create The Perfect Date
Go outside, lay down a blanket and listen to some free music. If you live nearby an outdoor theater, chances are there are free concerts that play there all the time. If you keep an ear out, you can plan a free date with your favorite person and snuggle up to the tune of some sweet serenades in the park. You can lie down and look at the sky or watch the performance and have a dreamy time. Your date will appreciate it, and so will your bank account.

Baking Date

Hungry?.. It's A Date
Hungry?.. It’s A Date
Go to your house and bake something with your date. There is nothing more fun and fuller of the potential for shenanigans than baking together. You have sweet stuff all around, flour to play with, and the romantic intimacy that a kitchen provides. While buying all the things you need can be a little more expensive than the average date on this list, hopefully you will have some of your important ingredients at hand already, as most people do.

Scenic Route

Take The Time To Enjoy The Scenic Route
Take The Time To Enjoy The Scenic Route
Take the long way home in your car. Drive through pretty scenery while playing music that you both can sing along to, and prepare to have a great time rushing around in your car and singing to eighties top forties. This is almost less a date and more a fun time, but you can make it a part of any fun trip or dating experience for extra time and judge of character.

Game Night

You can invite just your date over to play games with you either board games or video games, or you can make it a group event and bring your date in to meet your friends. This way you will be able to get a good feel of the interactions between people You can have your friends bring food and everyone can have a blast playing games together. As the night goes on, it might even be time to get some of the more adult games going.

Start The Fun...Free The Soul
Start The Fun…Free The Soul
Singing will set the soul free, and this silly and interesting date night gets more fun with every minute spent doing it. If you can get ahold of an old karaoke machine and sing your heart out, you will be able to make a fun loving impression on your date, and hopefully get them to sing along too. Whether you have an audience or are alone together, karaoke is a great way to get to know each other.

Park Fun

Go to the park, play games, and pack a picnic. This date is a sunny, fun alternative to the other things that you could be doing. A park is refreshing and fun, and is a wonderful way to spend time together. Have fun with your dates, and keep them cheap so that you don’t hurt after them. Fun times have never been so inexpensive.

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