3 Ideas that Will Make Sex More Exciting


sexfunWhen you want to make sure that sex always stays enjoyable between you and your lady, you should create an endless list of things to do that will make sex more exciting for the two of you. Don’t just rely on common things that popular magazines suggest. Try thinking about things you enjoyed as a kid, and put your very own sexy, adult spin on them. The chances are that you will love them. Not only that, but most of them probably won’t be nearly as expensive as you may think. Consider bringing in a third person into your sex life. However be warned that these days dating is hard and to find good sites to this you should use these well crafted tips and tricks for success.

The Adult Slip ’N Slide

The first thing you need to make your adult slide is a shower curtain. If you don’t want to use the curtain that you already have hanging up in your bathroom, you can always grab an inexpensive one from the store. The curtain doesn’t have to be fancy. In fact, a simple, clear vinyl shower curtain will probably work best. Once you have the curtain, all you need is a bottle of baby oil, or baby oil gel (though baby oil may work slightly better). Choose a place to lay out the shower curtain. The floor will probably be your best option. If you decide that you want to lay the curtain out on your bed, make sure your bed is covered by something that you don’t mind getting stained. You need to be avoiding hookup scams with good guides on how to hookup and avoid online dating scams for staying safe and finding real sites online for new experiences. Once you have your shower curtain lain out, pour baby oil all over the top of it. Don’t be too heavy handed, but also don’t be too skimpy. Too little baby oil will make things awkward and uncomfortable. But too much baby oil will probably cause one of you to slide much further than you would actually want to. Once you’ve added enough baby oil to the curtain, get undressed and have the time of your life with your lady. Have fun exploring each other’s body and sliding around on the curtain. When you’re finished, be careful getting up. Chances are everything will be extremely slippery and you don’t want to fall and hurt yourselves.

Unleash Your Inner Picasso

picassoAnother idea you can try with your lady is to have some fun with body painting. You can find body paint (latex or otherwise) at just about any adult toy store. You can also find it online on various websites. These body paints will range from colors, sizes, and prices. Some may even be edible. Once you and your lady decide what type of body paint you want to use, you should then gather all the necessary materials you will need to make your art.

While fingers are great for painting up each others bodies, you can also buy a few inexpensive brushes, and anything else you think you may need. Certain paints, such as florescent paints may require the use of the backlight to really make your artwork standout on each other’s bodies. Plan ahead so that you have everything you need before you begin painting. If the two of you are really feeling kinky, try filming your art process, and then watch it later on to experience the magic all over again. The Japanese practice of eating food off of someone has been popular for years. Nyotaimori refers to the eating food off of a woman’s nude body, while Nantaimori refers to eating food off of a man’s nude body. Even if you aren’t Japanese, you and your lady can enjoy eating food off of each other in the comfort of your own home. Doing so won’t require that you do a lot to prepare for it, and it will bring a brand new meaning to the phrase dinner and a show. Learn how to get laid online using dating sites as outlined in this really good guide for finding casual sex partners manual and sinner will become more interesting. Though sushi is what is commonly eaten off of a naked person’s body in Japan, you and your lady don’t have to limit yourselves to just sushi. The main thing is that you make sure that the food isn’t too hot to rest on the other person’s body. You should also be sure to take a shower and to shave the places that the food will be resting on top of (no one wants to eat food covered in body hair). After you’re finished eating, show your woman just how much you enjoyed your meal.

These are just three simple things you can do to make sex more exciting between the two of you. There are plenty of other things out there that you may be able to find online, or by asking other couples. With how creative people are today, there is no reason why sex should ever be boring.

How to Introduce Your Partner to Your Niche Kink

Some people like to have sex in the missionary position with the lights down and the sheets covering them. Others like to try out ballgags and chains in bed. Someone might like to play with blow up dolls while someone else is into having sex in the shower and someone else might like both of those things at once. Everyone’s kinks are different and that’s okay. No one has to be shamed for their kinks unless they are actively hurting someone or are not including consent. Everything else is fair game.

Your kink might not be one that isn’t as popular as roleplaying, S&M, or voyeurism but it’s still your kink and you probably have a right to enjoy it. When you’re in a relationship that’s sexual you both have a duty to try and fulfill the other person’s fantasy.

Start a Dialogue

The most important part of any bedroom relationship is the communication between all or both parties. You have to understand what both you and your lover want and what you are both comfortable with before you start having fun. Sex isn’t always like it is on television where two people look at each other once and suddenly know everything the other one likes and is okay with. Sex can be spontaneous but usually your first sexual encounter with someone should involve some kind of spoken communication. This is extremely true of people who have kinks. You can’t expect your partner to be happy if you suddenly whip out a cake and ask her to rub it on your genitals. Extreme kinks or kinks that are unfamiliar to most people can be surprising and too much for people to handle. Conversing about what you like beforehand can make the both of you much happier. There are many guide for success but none are as good as this manual for hookup dating that offers hacks that quicken you getting laid online.

Don’t Apply Any Pressure

While there is a duty to please each other in bed, there is NOT a duty to conform to every desire either of you might have. If you like being stabbed with needles while you have sex then that’s on you. You have to own your kinks. Your partner does not have to succumb to kinks that they do not condone or that they’re uncomfortable with.

You also should not, under any circumstances, make them feel like they have to perform your kinks with you if they have already strongly said no. Bringing it up over and over again is applying pressure. Being snippy with them afterwards because you were turned down is applying pressure and also being an asshole.

Reassure Them if They’re Interested

Occasionally you’ll find a partner who is interested or at least intrigued by your niche kink. This is lucky for you because it means you might be able to find someone to actively participate in your kink with. Don’t immediately take interest as a definite yes, though. Try to get them to be more informed and see if they like it before trying it out together. Show your partner videos or show them blog posts about your kink so that they better understand the joy it brings you and how to actually participate. If your partner still shows interest then you’ve found someone who can officially participate with you for the final test drive.

Have Fun Together Regardless

funcoupleYou shouldn’t need your kinks to feel good about sex and be happy with someone. A kink shouldn’t be something that is all consuming or it’s the only way you can get off. Kinks should be more like occasional treats and not something that you have to have to be able to get off. You and your partner can find other ways to both feel good if they aren’t comfortable with your kinks. It’s okay to revisit the idea when you’ve gotten more intimate and address it in a way that isn’t pressuring or bringing it up too often.

If they did find your kink to be enjoyable, then congratulations. You are officially free to have fun together doing something that you both enjoy and love.

Dating Someone Who’s Still Hung Up on Their Ex

Some people say that the first relationship after something long-term and important breaks up is doomed to be a rebound relationship. In other words, if you’re dating someone who’s still hung up on their ex, it’s never going to work out. But that doesn’t have to be the case. What do you do when you meet Mr. or Ms. Right, but they’re just out of a relationship that they’re not over yet? Here are some tips for navigating that tricky situation and coming out of it with your new relationship intact.

Don’t Pretend the Ex Didn’t Happen

Some people hate hearing about their partner’s old relationships. You might be one of them. Don’t let the green-eyed monster control you! Your new girlfriend or boyfriend is coming out of a period in their life when that other person was very important to them. If you refuse to hear anything about it, you’re going to introduce a rift into your relationship – one that either pushes your partner away, or forces them to distance themselves from their old friends and habits. Their ex was a part of their life, and however that relationship ended, you’re going to need to respect that. Allow them to have some space to process their feelings. If they want to keep mementos around or if they mention the ex frequently, accept it, and be willing to respond without anger or jealousy. A good 101 class for this stresses that you should think of it as an education and offers a good beginners bondage guide. If you do feel angry or jealous, that’s okay! It’s normal. It just isn’t a good idea to use your feelings on the matter to force your new girlfriend or boyfriend to “get over it” before they’re ready.

Don’t Let Your Relationship Be About the Ex

extroubleHere’s the other side of the coin: if they’re still hung up on the feelings they have about their last relationship, it’s easy for a new relationship to turn into a mirror of the old one. They may pressure you to act the way their ex did, or they may constantly compare you to their ex. Whether those comparisons are good or bad, they’re not a good idea. This is the kind of situation that will turn what you have into a “rebound” relationship, where their feelings about you are so tangled up with their feelings about their ex that, when they finish processing, they’re done with you too.

Distinguish yourself from the ex as much as possible. If they had certain habits or special couple-y rituals in their old relationship, make new ones. If they start comparing you to their ex, change the topic: try talking about positive aspects of your relationship that aren’t related to the old one.

Be Willing to Take It Slow

Especially if the old relationship ended badly, your new partner might need some time to open up. You need to give it to them. Don’t talk about intense commitments too early, and let them have space. Remember, if you demand too much early in the relationship and scare them away, you’re never going to have the commitment you want. If you respect their needs at first, you have a much better chance of strengthening the relationship so that, when they’re ready for more commitment, it’s with you.

The one caveat here is that you should believe them. If you want something serious and they say they’re not interested in a committed or serious relationship at all, rather than just that they want to take it easy for now, hanging around waiting is going to be a frustrating waste of time. Always, always believe what your partner says about their own readiness for a relationship. They know best.

That said, if you respect their feelings and are patient, there’s no reason to be scared off by the “rebound” specter! You can build a healthy, long-lasting relationship with someone who’s still getting over a painful breakup.

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